The 5 Best Pi Bundles for Your Next Backyard Pizza Party

Wood-fired pizza is the key to making a delicious and authentic pizza. And with the right outdoor pizza oven, you can make delicious wood. That said, these 5 Pi bundles will ensure that your next backyard pizza party with your family and friends will be a blast!


1. Pi Starter Bundle

The Pi Starter Bundle is your best bet if you don’t have the primary tools yet for cooking wood-fired pizza. This fantastic bundle includes the basics: a trusty Pi pizza oven, a wood-burning assembly, a durable pizza stone, and a stainless peel to make pizza-making a breeze.


2. Pi Fire + Tools

Do you already have a fire pit but don’t have the rest of the needed tools? The Pi Fire + Tools bundle is the best pick for you. Besides the important pizza-making tools, it even comes with a carry case, ensuring you can take your pizza stove and make pizza wherever you go.


3. Fire Pit + Pi Fire + Tools

Are you still browsing through Pi bundles? You might like the Fire Pit + Pi Fire + Tools bundle. As the name suggests, this kit consists of a fire pit, a fire oven, and a sturdy bonfire stand to keep nearby surfaces protected. This kit also comes with protective gloves and a stainless turner to protect you from cooking over fires.


4. Pi Essential Bundle

Do you lack the essentials for making wood-fired pizza? With the Pi Essential Bundle, you can readily complete your pizza-making tools in one go! Besides, this bundle comes with the following: a pizza oven, a wood-burning assembly, a pizza stone, and other pizza-making essentials that’ll help you make the ultimate wood-fired pizza.


5. Pi Ultimate Bundle

Are you looking for a stand to go with your Pi Fire oven? You should consider purchasing the Pi Ultimate Bundle. Besides including all the essentials, this bundle also comes with a handy stand where you can store all your ingredients and tools. And with its designated Pi shelter, you can keep your oven in good shape while it’s not in use.


Choosing an outdoor oven pizza matters a lot, especially when you intend to impress your crowd with your wood-fired pizza-making skills. Luckily, these 5 Pi bundles will guarantee that you can cook wood-fired pizza hassle-free!