Organic Seeds For Your Garden: The Best

Looking to add some organic seeds to your garden this season? You’ve come to the right place! Here are eight of the best organic seeds you can plant right now, whether you’re looking to grow vegetables or flowers for your home. Each of these seeds will give you spectacular results without compromising on quality, and will also help keep your soil healthy and safe from any unnecessary chemicals that could otherwise be present in your plants.

1. Broccoli - Organic - Sprouting Seeds

Broccoli is one of the most popular vegetables in the produce section of grocery stores around the world. However, while broccoli is a wonderful option for home gardeners, it’s often found on store shelves after it has been treated with a pesticide. With organic broccoli seeds, you can grow your own broccoli for peak freshness and health benefits.

2. Alfalfa - Organic - Sprouting Seeds

Alfalfa is a green, leafy plant that belongs to the pea family. Sprouting alfalfa seeds actually does sound a bit like eating broccoli, but this is one of the many benefits of not eating processed foods. Alfalfa seeds add nutrition to your soil and soak up excess water as they grow to help your garden thrive.

3. Radish - Rambo (Organic) - Microgreens Seeds

Organic radishes are a great choice for gardeners who want to grow vegetables but want to do so in a chemical-free manner. Radish seeds are incredibly easy to grow and will sprout in as little as five days.

4. Mung Bean - Organic - Sprouting Seeds

Mung beans are another excellent option for sprouting. They’re incredibly easy to grow at home, and will typically sprout in four days or less. Mung bean plants can be grown in large pots or small tabletop gardens, and are one of the most popular sprouts in restaurants around the world.

5. 5 Part Salad Mix - Organic - Sprouting Seeds

5 Part Salads Mix is another sprouting seed mix that contains a variety of nutritious, leafy, and tasty greens. The mix comes with five different lettuce types that all have different nutritional values, making each salad taste different from the last.

6. Wheat - Hard Red Spring (Organic) - Grass Seeds

Wheat is well known for its versatility, and it’s important to know that sprouting wheat won’t stunt or harm your plants in any way. Wheat is a fantastic choice for a simple, healthy salad topping or as a side dish for meals. Sprouting wheat for yourself will provide you with an incredible amount of vitamins and minerals to keep you active throughout the day.

7. Radish - Daikon (Organic) - Microgreens Seeds

Radish seeds are another excellent choice for sprouting. Radishes can be grown in large pots or small tabletop gardens, and are one of the most popular sprouts in restaurants around the world. If you’re looking to grow radishes this season, it’s best to start them off as soon as possible so that they’ll have enough time to mature before they fall over.

8. Protein Powerhouse Mix - Organic - Sprouting Seeds

This mix contains a unique combination of seeds that are supposed to be mixed together and eaten raw, or mixed with other foods. The mix contains sunflower, pumpkin, and a number of superfoods that are all packed with protein.