A More Dramatic And Romantic Ambiance

A candle is a light source commonly used during evening for the purpose of decoration, light source and ceremonies. Candles consist of wax and tallow or the slow burning material in the candle. Candles were among the earliest invention there was in history as it was people’s source of light when electricity was not highly available.

Candles can go from a very simple design to more delicate candle figures. Candles vary from colors and scents. There are white candles, colorful candles and scented candles. These colors are sometimes incorporated with different meanings.

Candles as a decorative material bring more warmth to the home environment. Reason why, in homes, there are areas where candles are being placed. To decorate an area using candles, one can place the candles on top of a decorative tray, candle holders or coffee table, creating a much more feel of warmth and relaxation. As candles improve relaxation, rooms like spas, bedroom and even in the bathtub, candles can be seen.

For more decorative accent on this object, you can enhance the visuals by adding jewels, beads, laces, fabrics to align to the theme you wanted to achieve or to the occasion you are celebrating.

There are variations of candles. Aromatherapy candles help a person relax, feel calm and energized. Lavender candles help in relieving stress. Eucalyptus candles help in promoting concentration and brain function. Lemon candles help ease anxiety and depression. On top of these, It is best to use beeswax candles for it gives off natural fragrance as it burns. Moreover, it helps in cleaning the air of the room, creating a freshens the environment.

Candle colors have meanings as well. From red as defining passion and love, white to serenity and peace. black to repel negative energy and green for life and prosperity but the main purpose of having candles at home for light sums it all up.