Benefits Of Sunnydaze Tri Over-the-Rail Planter – Round Polyrattan

Sunnydaze Tri Over-the-Rail Planter – Round Polyrattan is a great choice for those of you who want to spruce up a plain area. It is beautifully designed, and it looks amazing from a distance. What’s even better is it comes with its own rain catcher to keep your plants well watered during your hottest days or rainy storms!

Benefits of Sunnydaze Tri Over-the-Rail Planter – Round Polyrattan

1. Great looking design

This planter kit is one of a kind. It has a beautiful, round design that adds to the overall appeal of your garden.

2. 8″ Round Planter–an excellent size

This planter is the perfect size for growing larger plants or two plants in a tight space. This size is ideal because it’s not so large that your planters will have trouble holding up to the weight and stress placed upon them. It’s also thick enough that it won’t be easily bent or broken if it falls over during planting or watering day!

3. Use for multiple seasons

This planter is designed to be easily cleaned and maintained. This means that even when summer comes, you can clean the water from the rain catcher and use this planter again. It also means that you can change the plants in the planter if you wish, or start a new one altogether once winter sets in.

4. Made with beautiful materials

The material of this product is a very durable polyrattan. It’s very light, which helps it to keep its structure without bending excessively under weight or stress. The thickness of this material also allows for better ventilation.

5. Easy to assemble

This planter has been designed for easy assembly, even for inexperienced gardeners. Assembly is also very easy and fast, taking only a few minutes. All you need is glue and a hammer!

6. Suitable for outdoor and indoor use

This planter is designed to be used outdoors as well as indoors. It will endure the outdoor weather, like snow and rain, without any trouble. It would also work great in front of a fireplace, or anywhere you would like to decorate with this spectacular planter.