7 Plants That Are Perfect Gifts For Travelers

Houseplants or indoor plants have often lately been in the news, from their part in healthy home experiments to be the millennials’ chosen “baby”. Not only it can improve physical health and purify the air, but houseplants can also boost mental well-being and happiness. If you can dedicate yourself to finding the right soil and light and establishing a suitable routine for your plants, there are several that are great options for those who love to travel. Here’s the list of the ideal plants you can gift to frequent travelers.

1.Money Tree

Most easily known for its braided trunk and Feng Shui use, the Money tree is an air-purifying and pet-friendly plant which is also believed to bring financial success and good luck. Money trees are perfect for travelers as they prefer a well-draining pot, sandy soil, and indirect light.

2.Snake Plant

This traveler-friendly plant is basically adaptable and unkillable. Snake plants, based on the time of the year, are only required to be watered every other week or when the volume of its soil is 100% dry. Snake plants can withstand both low light and full sun though it is best to be placed in a space with bright indirect sunlight.

3.Hedgehog Aloe

Aloes, before you leave, is recommended to be given a deep watering and placed in indirect sunlight and you’ll get a thriving plant when you come back from your travel. Hedgehog aloe, with its spiked blue-green leaves, is the ultimate houseplant for first-time owners or hectic households for it is known to be a very forgiving succulent.

4.Prickly Pear Cactus

Prickly pear cactus is a jolly cactus with beavertail-shaped pads famed for its low-maintenance and hassle-free care routine with a few fertilizing and watering. These plants thrive in your home’s warm sunny area and only need watering once or twice a month.

5.Philodendron Heartleaf

The playful heart-shaped leaves of this trailing plant are not its only strong suit as it is also easy, fast-growing, forgiving, and very tolerable to neglect, inconsistent watering, low light, and poor soil. With these, you can enjoy the plants’ natural beauty without a great deal of maintenance.

6.ZZ Plant

ZZ plant is a graceful, statement plant that can possibly reach 2.5 ft tall utmost. This drought-tolerant houseplant is nearly unkillable, tough, and beautiful. It can survive in any light besides direct sunlight and grow well even without water for weeks.

7.Ponytail Palm

This hardy, fun, and the unique plant is slow-growing, drought-tolerant, adaptable, and requires low maintenance. Ponytail Palm is perfect for those who regularly travel or individuals with little time for a care routine. You can water this plant and place it in bright indirect sunlight and it will happily survive for weeks.