Beautiful Christmas Photo Cards For Every Special Moment

Christmas photo cards are a great way of displaying your favorite moments with your family, lover, or friends. Show your beloved ones how much they mean to you and spread the joy of the most beautiful and festive time of the year. Artifact Uprising has created several Christmas Photo Cards, featuring different designs, styles, and patterns. Here is a list of our favorite 8 cards.

1. Bold Handwritten Christmas Card

Made of 100% high-quality and recycled paper, this Christmas card is available in two different dimension options, 5 x 7″ and 7 x 5″. On the front, the words Merry Christmas are printed, and underneath, you can place your favorite photo. There are 7 back-of-card designs to choose from and fully customize your wishes.

2. Ornamental Foil Holiday Card

A flat holiday card featuring a unique geometric design, Ornamental Foil Holiday Card is perfect for every family wishing to send wishes and greetings to relatives or friends. There are 5 foil color options and 4 envelope colors for you to choose from.

3. Hand-Lettered Holiday Card

Designed by Chelsea Petaja, this hand-lettered card can be fully customized with the addition of your most precious memory in the form of a picture. You can choose from different back-of-card designs for a greeting that’s uniquely yours. The card has two orientations: landscape and portrait.

4. Photo Capsule Holiday Card

If you wish to add more than one photo to your holiday card, then the Photo Capsule Holiday Card is a great choice. This 5 x 7″ card can depict 5 different small photos, showing favorite moments of you and your family or friends. You can also add a selfie or two if you wish to send the card to your loved one.

5. Multi-Image Vertical Holiday Card

A flat holiday card, made of premium-quality paper, this card is resistant and you can add as many photos as you like depending on their sizes. For example, 9 small, square photos can be placed on the front of the card, depicting everyday moments of yourself and your beloved ones. There are 4 greeting options for you to choose from.

6. Geometric Holiday Card

Available in two printing options, foil, and standard, this holiday card is modern, minimalist in style, and elegant at the same time. Printed on 100% premium paper, you can make the card personal by adding 4 of your favorite photos within its different geometric shapes.

7. Foil Arches Holiday Card

The ideal card if you wish to add a landscape or portrait photo, Foil Arches Holiday Card is made of recycled paper and is available n 5 different foil colors. It features a special foil-stamped arch detail, making it ideal for adding wedding photos.

8. Only Upside Holiday Card

A card design that will effectively highlight your chosen photo, the card also features 7 back-of-card designs to fully customize your greeting message. It is accompanied by a high-quality envelope with 4 available color options. This design is perfect for offering as a gift to your family during the Christmas season.