Covers That You Need in Your Home Today

There’s nothing like coming home to your own place after a long day of work and finding that it’s clean and taken care of. However, while some cleaning tasks are easy enough, others require specific tools and products that you may not have in your home already. That’s why we’ve put together this list of the top covers that you need in your home today, so that you can make your days easier and more relaxing while making your home beautiful and safe at the same time:


1. The BigOne Cover

Whichever type of couch you have, the BigOne covers are going to positively change your experience of using it. These covers are made from a soft yet durable material that resists tearing and comes in a variety of colors. The BigOne covers zip up and easily fit over your couch or chair, making them versatile enough for any space or style. Not only does the BigOne cover protect your furniture from spills and messes, but it also fights against dust, dirt and other harmful germs that can make you or your loved ones sick.


2. SuperSac Cover

The SuperSac is a larger and more advanced version of the BigOne cover. It’s also made from soft microfiber material that is extra comfortable, even when it’s protecting your couch or chair. The SuperSac covers have elastic edges so that they fit snugly to your furniture and keep dust, dirt and other harmful particles out of your home. They come in both striped and solid colors, which makes them a wonderful accent or complement to your decor, whether you have one color or all one color in your house.


3. MovieSac Cover

For those of you who love watching TV shows and movies on your couch, the MovieSac cover is definitely a must-have. This cover combines the softness of microfiber material with the strength and durability of terylene, to give you an extra layer of protection between you and whatever messes and spills you might have in your home. The MovieSac cover also features elastic edges that will hold it in place on your couch and chair, even during dust storms or other cleaning mishaps.


4. PillowSac Cover

The name may sound funny, but the PillowSac is definitely an essential covers for anyone who loves to rest their head on pillows while they’re watching TV, reading or just relaxing. This cover is made from a terylene/microfiber blend, so it’s durable and strong enough to resist ripping and tearing while remaining soft enough to give your pillows a comfortable spot to land. The PillowSac also zips up easily over your pillows, no matter how many you have under there.


5. CitySac Cover

For those of you who live in an urban area, the CitySac is a great option to protect your furniture from spills, dirt and dust. This cover zips up quickly over your furniture and is made from a durable terylene/microfiber blend so that it’s strong enough to fight off any messes or spills that might occur under there.