Choose Better Paper Products With Who Gives A Crap

You have to love a company that doesn’t mess around with its branding. Who Gives A Crap wants everyone to have quality toilet paper while raising money for those that aren’t fortunate enough to have sanitary conditions. You get essential environmentally-friendly paper and some of the money spent goes on building toilets in impoverished countries. Here are 5 great products to check out.

1) Premium 100% Bamboo Toilet Paper

Let’s start with the actual toilet paper. You can get a subscription service to send a case of either 24 or 48 rolls to your home. This is a great way to ensure you always have enough and to support a socially and environmentally conscious company at the same time. These rolls are 3ply with 370 sheets of strong and sustainable bamboo.

2) 100% Recycled Toilet Paper

Alternatively, you might want to go for their version with recycled paper. This one is thinner at 2-ply but is 100% recycled and has the same great paper packaging and carbon-neutral shipping.

3) Forest Friendly Tissues

What is great about this company now is that they have branched out into related products. This allows for more profits and happy customers using eco-friendly paper across the home. The tissue boxes use the same high-quality bamboo for strong and soft tissue to handle colds and sad movies. They also look great with fun designs.

4) Forest Friendly Paper Towels

Alternatively, you might want to try these paper towels for the kitchen. You get 6 double-length rolls to last a while. They come in the same pretty paper packaging as the toilet paper, and the 2-ply bamboo/sugarcane material is great for spills.

5) Dream Cloths

Finally, there are these reusable clothes. These may be more appealing than paper towels because you can wash them and reuse them multiple times. They are surprisingly absorbent, and the geometric designs mean they look great out on the counter.