10 Underrated Sactionals Accessories You Need To Check Out

1. Stealthtech Power Hub

Fuel up your devices in one spot with this hub that contains three ports (USB-C & two USB-A) and three 120VAC outlets. It’s compact, versatile, and you can provide unlimited power to your tech gadgets.


2. Guest Rest Bedding Kit

When you urgently need extra room for unexpected guests, this kit is a lifesaver. Turn your adaptable couch into a bed with the included mattress topper, multiple sheets, and two standard pillowcases.


3. Coaster: Dark Walnut

This drink holder features a uniform, bent design that can fit onto a square sofa arm to provide easy access to your drink of choice. The felt coaster perfectly complements the dark walnut color of the base.


4. Drink Holder: Hickory

Unlike the previous accessory that only included a coaster, this drink holder comes with a 2” hole that ensures no drink will be spilled. Besides being useful, its light brown color is a perfect way to spice up your living room design.


5. Table: Weathered Ash

An ideal complement to the Sactionals seats, this minimalistic table is made out of a single slab of wood. It’s quite small and portable so you can easily move it around according to your needs.


6. Mini Blocks Set: Natural

This set of ten seat and side blocks each helps you get a visual on how your Sactionals setup would look. Built-in magnet attachments will help you put these together with maximum ease.


7. Foot Pair: Dark Walnut

A replaceable pair of sofa feet are a testament to the Sactionals durability. These two pieces directly interlock with shoes that connect them to the bottom, preventing the sofa from slipping.


8. Roll Arm Drink Holder: Dark Walnut

The modified design of this drink holder helps it fit easily into all types of sofa arms – rolled or pleated. The drink holder hole is 1.25” deep, with a felt coaster at the bottom.


9. Table: Hickory

This solid bent wood accessory follows the uniform look of the rest of the products. The surface of the table is polished and smooth, and with 31 inches in length, you’ll have plenty of space to store your drinks, decorations and other items.


10. Shoe: Dark Walnut

A robust shoe designed to keep your Sactionals couch in place. It’s very small in size, making it quite mobile if you’re the type of person that likes to rearrange their furniture often.