Best 5 Resources by Lettuce Grow

Growing your own plants and vegetables can be quite complicated. Weekly farming tasks usually require previous gardening experience or a lot of knowledge. The Farmstand’s self-watering and self-fertilizing system can help users grow plants in nutrient-enriched water without the fear of messing things up. Here are some of the best resources provided by Lettuce Grow to help you get started with Farmstand.


1. Lettuce Grow-From Anywhere With Our Mobile App

A mobile app that’s perfect for Android and iOS devices, this app can help farmers gain immediate access to all the tools and knowledge they need in order to grow plants efficiently. Among the greatest features of this app is the Plant ID, enabling users to scan their Farmstand and identify every single plant.

2. Farmstand Set-Up and Assembly

This resource will guide you step-by-step toward setting up and assembling your Farmstand. A thorough guide that can help you set different farming factors, including temperature, time, variety of nutrients and dosages, Farmstand Set-Up and Assembly Resource cannot be missed.


3. Meet Our Summer 2022 Chef In Residence

This Chef in Residence program will guide users through moving from their Farmstand to the table. Every chef creates recipes inspired by seasonal seedling bundles, and the Chef In Residence for Summer 2022 is Woldy Reyes, founder of Brooklyn’s known boutique catering company, Woldy Kusina.


4. What to Know Before Buying a Farmstand

A great resource that will guide you through everything you need to know before purchasing a farmstand, this program includes info about seedlings, grow rings, weekly maintenance, as well as the whole set-up of the Farmstand.


5. Meet Our Spring 2022 Chef In Residence

This resource introduces homeowners to the well-known photographer and recipe developer Amy Holt. Amy’s recipes are sustainable, nutritious, and eye-popping. She picks homegrown staples from her Farmstand every day and uses them to create some delicious and healthy recipes. Some of her best recipes include the Tomato Panzanella Salad and the Shrimp Larb Lettuce Cups.