7 Fertilizers That Will Nourish Plants In Your Garden

So that the plants in your garden can grow healthy and fertile, the right fertilizer is needed. Various forms of fertilizer can be found on the market, both liquid and solid. Find the 7 recommendations below:

1. Microgreens pH Control Kit by General Hydroponics

A pH adjustment kit that makes microgreens stronger, lusher, and healthier. Excellent for your hydroponic plants. Please note, microgreens will grow well in slightly acidic water (pH around 6), while city tap water usually has a pH of more than 7 which is not good for microgreens.

2. Retain - Water Retention Soil Additive

Retain plant crystals are made of materials that easily absorb water so that they can increase their water-holding capacity by up to 60%, besides helping to prevent waterlogging, they can also release plant water better and minimize evaporation.

3. Worm Castings

Casting worm is a fertilizer which is red worm waste. Rich in phosphate, nitrogen, and minerals needed by plants. Using it is quite easy, just mix 20% of casting worms with the soil to be planted and guaranteed your plants will be more fertile.

4. FloraGro Hydroponic Microgreens Nutrients

FloraGro liquid fertilizer is excellent for hydroponic plants and is easy to use. This fertilizer is good for a variety of growing media such as Rockwool, peat, coconut coir, potting mix, soil, or water culture. Flora Gro has a neutral pH so you can add it to a balanced water system at any time.

5. Unique Concentrated Mineral Drops & Liquid Fertilizer

Unique Mineral & Trace Mineral Complex (liquid colloidal minerals) are good for nourishing plants and guaranteeing superior yields. Contains 72 minerals which are very good for health in general. Liquid Colloidal Mineral and Trace Mineral Complex can also be used as liquid fertilizers for vegetables, sprouts, or even grass.

6. Mittleider Magic Micro-Nutrient Mix

Micro-nutrients that come from these rocks are essential nutrients for every plant you have to be healthy and fertile. How to apply it is quite easy according to the instructions provided

7. Azomite - Trace Mineral Organic Fertilizer

A natural, powdered mineral native to Utah, made from montmorillonite clay mined from ancient ocean floors. Contains more than 60 trace minerals and many essential elements for fertility and plant health. This Azimut fertilizer is OMRI certified