6 Traeger Wood Pellets That Every Grillowner Should Know

If you are serious about barbecuing, then you need to have the best wood pellets for the job. The right wood pellet can accentuate that natural goodness of whatever it is you are baking or barbecuing. Thankfully, there’s also a Traeger wood pellet that’s perfect for the job, and below are a few ones that you should check out.

1.Traeger Signature Blend

Wood pellets are ideal for barbecuing use, especially if you are cooking meat, vegetables, and fish. As this is a signature blend, you can only get this kind of aroma from Traeger.

2.Traeger Pecan Wood Pellets

Pulled pork is one of the best kinds of barbecue. If you are looking to make some pulled pork, then it’s imperative that you use the right kind of wood pellets to ensure the best results. Thankfully, these pecan wood pellets are perhaps the best choice for the job.

Also, it’s suitable for vegetables, lamb, beef, and poultry.

3.Traeger Apple Wood Pellets

Baked goods need different kinds of wood pellets. After all, you don’t want them to smell something associated with meat or barbecues. It’s one of the reasons why this apple wood pellet from Traeger is an excellent choice.

4.Traeger Hickory Wood Pellets

Wood pellets are ideal for use with brisket, tri-tip, and other types of beef cuts. It’s also an excellent choice if you’re thinking of barbecuing vegetables, pork, turkey, or chicken.

5.Traeger Mesquite Wood Pellets

If the smell associated with beef fat turns you off, then these wood pellets may be your ideal option. With its distinct aroma, it’s ideal for lean beef cuts. Using it for brisket is a perfect example.

Aside from lean beef cuts, these pellets also work well with fish and chicken.

6.Traeger Cherry Wood Pellets

If you are looking for something very versatile, then these wood pellets may be the only thing you need. It’s suitable for lamb, chicken, pork, beef, and ribs. It’s even versatile enough that you can use it for baked goods.