4 Dazzling Oil Paintings

Painting can not be separated from hobbies and collections. Any theme painting according to taste will be a decoration and will add to the beauty of the room in your home. Here are some recommendations (I gave my own title for the paintings below)

1. Horse and a Woman

A beautiful painting depicting the closeness of a woman to a horse will make those who see it calm. The bright colors used will add to the vibrancy of the room where this painting is hung.

2.1 Adult

Paintings like two ballerina girls dressed up as fairies complete with crowns relaxing and reflecting in the clear water. The natural colors used in this painting are very pretty.


The theme of a quiet city is chosen for this painting. Bright colors are very happy, imagining if there is in the city will be very pleasant. Set against a backdrop of stunning outdoor restaurants, shops, and alleyways.

4. Outdoors

A true European convection-style oven with a total of 10 cubic feet capacity. It can scan package bar codes to cook, and self-clean using steam when you’re done. Cafe’s oven has an air-fry mode to make food crispy without using oil.