9 Cool Choices in Furniture Items

9 Brilliant Choices in Furniture Pieces

If you’re shopping for furniture pieces that are chic, operational and contemporary, these nine choices will fill you with pure joy.



1. Eames Molded Plastic Side Chair

Fans of enduring and simplistic chairs will gravitate to this plastic option and its plentiful features. It’s equipped with an injection-molded plastic shell that’s extremely hard-wearing. It exudes unadulterated elegance as well.


2. Magis Spun Chair

Some people are crazy about furniture pieces that are wacky yet operational. This polyethylene chair undoubtedly fits that description well. It’s optimal for everything from 360-degree rotating to tranquil naps.


3. Eames Walnut Stool

This is a multitasking stool that can be everything from a side table to a relaxing seat. It consists of tough solid walnut and has a concave bottom and top. It’s a furniture piece that defines the word “eye-catching.”


4. Eames Wire Base Low Table

If you want to buy a table that’s low-lying, this option may thrill you. It has a height of merely 10 inches, after all. People who admire Baltic birch may be drawn to this furniture item. It has a wire base that’s extremely resilient.


5. Noguchi Table

This table had been a business and residential gem for many decades and counting. It boasts a sculptural base that’s practically impossible to miss. It can be ideal for living spaces that span all kinds of fresh and distinctive style categories.


6. Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman

If you’re a fan of the rare combination of molded wood, mohair or smooth leather, then this lounge chair and ottoman may be precisely the thing you need in your world. Its medallion stamping highlights its authenticity, too.


7. Story Bookcase

Literature aficionados won’t be able to deny the charms of this bookcase. Since it’s compact, it can be fitting for tighter spaces as well.


8. Eames Molded Plywood Lounge Chair Wood Base (LCW)

Do you want a chair that has a molded five-ply seat? You’ll adore this one and its rubber shock mounts that can help keep shocking motions at bay.


9. Wilkes Modular Sofa Group Sofa

This sofa has a fanciful outline that makes it seem to be suspended in air. It has a postmodern design and pleasant contouring, too. If you’re looking to design a home that’s contemporary and cool, you should check this piece out.