7 Fine Options in Chairs

7 Stylish Choices in Chairs

If you want to design a welcoming and contemporary space, these seven chairs may pique your interest greatly.


1. Eames Executive Chair

If you’re searching for a chair that can take your home office to the next level, this one will make you smile widely. It’s ideal for people who are keen on fabric or leather upholstery. It has a couple of base finishes, too.


2. Eames Lounge Chair

This is an innovative lounge chair that boasts a cool and fresh design. It combines molded leather, mohair and even soft leather. You can take its cushions out as you desire.


3. Lounge Chairs & Ottomans

This is a distinctive chair that offers wood construction, sophisticated curving, a memorable latticed suspension and, last but definitely not least, plush foam cushions. If you’re all about style and matchless relaxation, you’ll love this one.


4. Striad Lounge Chair

This chic chair is equipped with a swivel base that moves back into its “normal” spot once you’re done utilizing it. It has a flexible inner shell as well.


5. Landmark Chair

This chair has a lot of dignity on its side. If you want a chair that can flatter traditional and contemporary designs equally, focus on this one.


6. Nelson Coconut Chair

People who adore futuristic and sleek furnishings won’t be able to deny this chair. It promotes hassle-free repositioning, too. It’s a piece that paves the way for discussions of all sorts.


7. Eames Upholstered Molded Plastic Task Armchair

If you want an armchair that will allow you to sit for hours on end, this may be a big lifesaver for you. It has a waterfall seat edge that can minimize unpleasant thigh pressure significantly. It’s ideal for people who love swiveling seats.